Running myDMXGo app on Ipad Pro.  During use, the app will often lose wifi connection to the Smartstream transceiver and I lose control of the lighting.  Then I have to keep refreshing the program over and over until it latches back onto myDMXGo.  Sometimes, it'll say "waiting for device" or something when the tablet is clearly linked up with Smartstream wifi.  

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Can any one help with this issue,  I'm having the same problem where the wifi keeps disconnecting and I lose control of the lights and need to close app and reload  just to have the same thing happen. 

First, make sure your ios is up to date on your tablet.  For me, I was having issues bc I was using the wireless dmx dongles in conjunction with mydmxgo.  I learned that you have to separate the two transmitters with a dmx cable bc if you plug the dongle transmitter directly into the mydmxgo transmitter the two antenna will be too close and the interference will cause you to lose wifi signal.  I separated the two with a dmx cable and this helped solve the issue for the most part.  There will still be signal dropout here and there but usually it stays connected.  


I too have the same issue, I use another program with artnet interface and never have any issues, why is the dmxgo dongle having issues with two anthenas side by side? is there any other way to run mydmxgo without their dongle? I have given up


Just separate the 2 antennas with a short dmx cable and it should work better.  You could plug directly into the mydmxgo interface from light fixture but if you're running several, that's a lot of daisy chaining.  The dongles save you from running all of those dmx cables.  I use the donner dongles from Amazon and they're usually pretty reliable.  

Just an additional note, make sure the ipad is set to always have the screen on, if it goes into sleep mode, it will disconnect and take awhile to reconnect. Also I found that you need to close all other apps and only use the ipad for lighting which is why I have two now.


*sigh  just when I thought MyDMXGo was reliable-ish, it completely failed on me at my NYE event.  The transmitter would not emit a signal for my ipad to latch onto, almost as if it was jammed.  I was in a building with a lot of other networks so maybe that had something to do with it?  Even ran a dmx cable directly from wash light into transmitter and still wouldn't work.  Of course, I get home and reset it up and it works fine..   

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