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I want a....

  • 4 channel
  • 12" club style like 12"X14"
  • S/N of 100db or greater line and .01 minimum (or better) THD%
  • Effects (only if there is no delay, and it doesn't effect sound quality out of listed specs (delay, echo, pitch shift, filters, and flanger)
  • 2 mics preferably
  • 60 or 100 mm faders, wit the option of being replacable with linear rotary dials
  • Others.....Matrix ins/outs.....rotary option
  • Ohh I almost forgot price....around $500 or better
I'm looking for the same.
- 4 channel
- 3 band eq/ kill switches optional
- 2 mic inputs
- curve control on crossfader
- efx's section/ sampler loop
- inputs for future American Audio upgrades...things we as consumers don't see until they hit the street. As Stevie mentioned a 12" mixer NOT a 19". 12" is the best size for all applications really. Unless you are a battle dj. Time and place for everything of course. Cool
-4 channels (line/phono) aux input on front
-club size like djm's
-clean sound, minimal distortion
-effects w/ wet/dry mix, support multiple effects simultaneously, assignable to all channels
-2 mics, XLR and 1/4" inputs
-XLR, 1/4" outputs, 3 zones
-onboard filters
-midi out to trigger software (assignable xfader, faders, EQ knobs)
-firewire port for recording tracks, streaming capabilities
-memory card slot to load saved settings

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