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If I plug four par 64 LED Lights up to the DP-DMX20L will the built in chase turn the light off and alternate in different colors and patterns? Do I still need to hook up the DMX cables to run from the box to the first light and second and so on? Do I also need a terminator on the fourth light? I looked to get get the DMX Programmer 192, but every place I have looked seems to be back ordered. What is my best solution to make some lights change different colors with some pattern change, quick, easy to learn and can be here in 3 weeks? Thanks for your help!
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NEVER EVER plug a DMX light like the p64 LED into a dimmer pack!! EVER! you will run the circiut boards on the light itself! yes always terminate and use proper DMX data cable. not xlr mic cable. u may have to run the lights n master/slave mode. so you enter one light as the master and the other 3 as slaves. and do not use these plugged into the power plugs n the DPDMX20L. what are your other options for a controller at the time? sincerely,
I guess I was thinking the relay packs are what you would us to plug all your lights at the tree to keep from having power cords running everywhere. I have not ordered anything on my list yet because my site is back ordered on the DMX controller 192. I wanted the Revo III, and 4 64 LED Pro lights. I use a computer for all of the music and karaoke, so I didn't want to use a set-up like my DMX and have to have another computer to control lights. I just need a way to have some colored lights flash and a center piece to use when my double derby is cooling off (pain). I wanted to make the step up to LED, but need a way to make something work for a fast fix until I can get everything running right. Can you just A/C plug in the Par LED's and run DMX cables between them and run all in the sound activated mode? Will they all just flash as they want to or will they all be on the same colors at the same time? Can I use an 8 channel on/off switch to turn the Par 64 lights and Revo III on in sound activated mode? I have been thinking of ordering from Planet DJ in Nevada. Are you familiar with them?
no I'm not familiar with them. But you could run the lights in sound active mode with no cables or connect cables and run in master/slave mode. My SMS could work nicely with other programs at the same time. So all on one computer. Just do not plug in the LEDs or any dmx lights to a dimmer or relay pack. Ever. LOL I can't stress that enough. Sincerely,
As Jingles said. Never EVER plug a DMX fixture into a dimmer or switcher pack.

As far as that wonderous thing that keeps you from having to run power all over the place, it's called a "power strip". Another one is a splitter. Throw one onto yor stand and then centralize your lighting into that, then one power lead down.

Dimmers are for traditional incadenscent Parcans. Switchers are for "Hi-Tech FX".

As far as time delays(you're down to 2 weeks dude), plan ahead. FAR ahead. I try to project a year out and try to get my critical buys in 3 months before necessary. Of course, it doesn't always work out that easily.

If you've got a nice beefy laptop, you can still do all that stuff on one computer includng adding something like MyDMX. not sure about Compu live though.

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