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I am currently considering buying a DMX controller to run an entire light show from a single console. There are tons of them out there to pick from, i was looking for help. How about it? The things I'm looking for are...

-(lots of)preset movements for intels
-tap sync
-ease of use
-programmable buttons
-more than 32 channels

Thanks for any help you can give.

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It really depends on your budget - and to some extent, what you need it to do. At the lower end I would look at the OperatorII. I have a Show Designer and really like it. At the upper end, the new Show Designer II and Show Cue look REALLY nice. You can download the manuals for the Operator and Show Designer to really look at what they can do. I haven't seen the Show Designer II or Show Cue manuals (can't find them on the ADJ page yet!?)

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