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Let's not go down the whole over-done "why DMX cabling instead of audio cabling".

When I bought 8 64 LED Pros, they came with NO CABLES at all, outside of the permanently attached electrical cable(which I am debating on shortening). My fixtures came with the fixture, gel holder, manual, sticker and foam.

Where the boxes sealed? If so, had they been previously opened? I'm thinking that since i'm not aware of any bundlings(and I'm not an ADJ employeed or reseller or retailer, just an end user, so forgive me being deliberately ignorant in the sales arena), the reseller decided to make "bundles" by throwing in cables.
Ive bought pre-made Accucable, and let me say "that's not how they look, at least not how they are currently shipping". But packaging changes.

Not to knock ADJ, but it's essential that DMX cabling be included with all bundles that are having cables included.

Jingles, Serra Ava and myself are definately pushing the standard of using the right cable for the right job. So, ADJ should be including their ADJ AccuCable in such bundles.

It may be too late for currently shipped bundles, but going forward, it is essential to have an eye on this detail. Let's start our newbies off right!
Originally posted by Service Boss:
Hello Jim. We actually had a couple of units ship out this way with Mic cables vs DMX cables. I will send you a new set once I have your address info. I have also sent you a e-mail in regard to this.

My PAR64LED kit also came with microphone cables instead of DMX cables. The package was sealed and not altered by the local dealer. How should I proceed?

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