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Originally posted by tigrsharc1:
[qb] I am special ordering a set this weekend, since the local GC still hasn't gotten them in. They advertised it but don't have them in stock..........go figure.... Roll Eyes Cool [/qb]
On GC's website, there's coupon for a free speaker stand with ever DLS 15P pucrchased. Of course, when you read the fine print, you get the stand when the speaker comes in (Rain check).
Alright through all the excitement I forgot to write and say I got both my new speakers and my extra light set. Man those speakers are nice. It was 8 pm when I finally got home with them and so I couldn't turn them up too loud in the living room. My 2 yr old was falling asleep. Not good to disturb her Mad she'll get pretty cranky Big Grin . I am going to set all the lights and speakers up tomorrow and really test them out. Question for those that run powered you guys run the speakers right through the mixer or through a crossover from the mixer?? Just wondering what will give me the best sound. I guess I need to change my profile for all the new toys I just got Cool
It really shouldn't matter, it all depends on how keen you are to carry around and setup your external EQ when you go mobile. If anything an external EQ can enhance/improve the sound over a simple 3 band mixer EQ.

For the average gig I just run my speakers straight from the mixer. I only use my external EQ when I take out a larger sound system.

ROQ out.

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