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I have a AMDJ Digi-Pro CD Player that I'm using right now that I'm using with a set of powered speakers and a high quality mixing board. My problem is I'm getting a loud static sound through my speakers when I'm playing CD's. These are not burnt CD's they are store bought CD's and I was told sometimes when the CD player is located too close to the mixer board and you're using low grade patch cords you will get this interference sound. I've gone out and purchased heavy duty patch cords but it is still happening. I have my CD player mounted in a rack with my mixer board mounted underneath on a rail that slides out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks
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I have a Digi-Pro that I use with an MP-24. The controller is mounted just above the mixer, and the player is mounted to the left of the mixer. I have never experienced a problem like this. I would suggest giving support a call @ 800 322 6337 there may be a problem with your unit.
here... try these out... it'll help erybody understand more about the problem
- try turning everthing off excpet the powered speakers.. does it still hhuumm??
- if not then turn on the mixer... is there a huumm still??
- if not then turn on the cd players... now is there still a humming noise???
- check and see if everything is grounded
- what kind of mixer board is it??..
-is it a board with alot of mic inputs??... if so, turn all the channels down and see if u still have that problem..
-try these out and let us know what u come up with...

DJ Fobster : I tried what you suggested and there is no hummm at anytime from the speakers or mixing board. The mixing board is a Rane MP-22. This sound only comes out when I'm playing a CD. It sounds like bacon sizzling in the background when I'm playing music. Any other suggestions?
or have u tried to hook it up to another amp/ system to see if it is the cd player??.....
....well, the same thing happened to me with my dual decks when i accidently plugged in the remote wires of my cd players into the remote of a different cd player(different brand)and when i swicted the wires back.... the cd player had a horrible static to it..... u didnt do this by any chance did u??<<=just a thought

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