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Sorry guys, been a tad busy lately. . . but as some of you know I'm back in action and making things happen. . . selling dcd 1000's is just one of them Wink

If you guys have any questions on this player please post them here so that myself, Skilz, Support and anyone who has actually used the unit can help you out. . . Thanks Guys

One of the biggest questions so far. . . . How does it compare to the Velocity??? I hate to say this to all the Velocity owners (self included) it blows it out of the water, considering it is supposedly a "scaled down" version. With it's large, attractive and easy to read display screen which features a visual indicator, 3 cue/sample points per drive, bpm synced effects( no psp button, just a fwd back button from 1/4,1/2,3/4,1/1 etc. . .) and improved scratch wheel it just simply dominates the market of dual cd players with scratch functions as it is currently the ONLY dual player to offer a real time scratch.
Still there are the Auto Cue/Beat Juggle mode, on board effects, anti shock, gone is the slot load transport, replaced by a tray load mech which is very quick. The 1000 so far has read every cd-r I've thrown at it, including 9 year old scratched to oblibion discs (coasters) that I honestly wouldn't even need to use anywhere.
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hmm so the 1000 is better than the velocity..thats good to hear..
i jus bought the dcd 1000 day before yesterday..its an amazing machine and i've gotten used to it already..i was jus wondering if u would say it was better than the cdn 90.
or if its better than the cmx300..
cause these were wat i was gonna buy..
anyway im really pleased with my players..
any tricks or tips u could give me with me 1000's...thanks!!!!!!!!
Hi, I purchased the DCD-PRO1000 recently and it is an amazing set of cd players. I have a simple question for everyone here.

What are your suggestions for cleaning the jog wheels?

I want to keep them shiny and clean without finger smudges all over them Smiler

Thanks for your suggestions.
No, anytime you are scratching, you are scratching in real time, there is no product that allows you to use a scratch feature to bleep out or edit curse words. There also is no reverse in foward (dump/bleep) as found on some more expensive (and i mean more expensive) units on the market.
FYI... The C%D%N - 90 can do it. It uses the buffer to allow you to scratch out a bad word, then returns to the right spot of the song. Example, if you start your scratch at 2:30 and scratch for 1 second, as soon as you stop the wheel, it continues playing at 2:31, so it does not interupt the flow of the music. It uses the anti-shock buffer to accomplish this task, so you can scratch until you use up the buffer, about 6 seconds. They allow you to scratch 4 different ways, this way is scratch mode #3.
The 90 has a reverse "dump" which plays in reverse, but moves fwd. . . if you look back and see how I stated it, the other units that allow such feature are more expensive, plus as stated the DCD 1000 allows you to scratch in real time. . . dcd pro 1000 MAP $699 - CDN 90 MAP $899

The drawback I see in the method you mentioned while using the scratch wheel, is that you have to know the combination of buttons to engage the different scratch mode, and you have to make sure you put the unit back on the original scratch mode to prevent any mistakes.

Each unit has it's pro's and con's. . . The effect layout is much cleaner on the DCD and allows more finger space, plus simple layering, bpm sync without having to dial. Easier cue point setting and storing while adding 3 cue/sample points. Not to mention much larger wheels, and a real time scratch.

90 has it's pro's too, the interlock is the BEST in the industry, the display is unique though it changed from blue to red on the newer units to cut production costs. Key lock is tight, 2 loops per drive is another good feature, but if you are using the unit to scratch, it's not the best thing out there, neither is the DND 9000 which excels in so many other areas. . .

Bottom line, everyone has thier own personal needs and prefrences, for me, if I need a clean edit, or to be able to edit on the fly, there's a few things I know I can do, prepare mic, lower volume of music and pump crowd, play it and hope nobody hears, invest in a subscription service that features edited tracks, or invest in a separate effect processor like the EFX 500, again the BEST on the market at what it does.
In your initial response you stated:

"No, anytime you are scratching, you are scratching in real time, there is no product that allows you to use a scratch feature to bleep out or edit curse words. There also is no reverse in foward (dump/bleep) as found on some more expensive (and i mean more expensive) units on the market."

I find the 'street price' is about the same on the two units.

I was simply correcting what you said in the first line of your post, no biggie! As for the 1000, I agree! It has a super-clean, user friendly layout. The little weighted platter is sweet too! I'm not worried about any beat-keeper feature as I can mix fine on my own. Although, I will admit that I do like to use the BPM counter as a starting point, then fine tune by ear, its just quicker that way.

What do the words "Beat Sync" appear on the display of the 1000? Does something flash when both sides are in sync?
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Originally posted by Maestro:
[qb]I find the 'street price' is about the same on the two units. [/qb]
Hmmmm? I think $399<$599 not about the same. If, you are paying more than $399 for a CDI-500 your're shopping on the wrong street. If you are finding 5000's for $399, tell me where you live, I want to move to that 'street'
The C#N-90 and the DCD PRO1000 are about the same street price. I never mentioned either of the two units you are talking about. I'm going for the PRO1000 anyhow. Maybe if you guys could make sure the PROGRAM feature is on all your dual players in the future and don't forget the mono button on all your 19" mixers.

Thanks for the great products and the great customer service! Big Grin
Maestro, you are correct. When I heard you talking about a "dump" feature I was thinking of the 5000 right away. Well I can say I have played with the 90 and it was pretty impressive, but if you do want to scratch the DCD-1000 will hold it's cue better, because of the touch sensativity, also the bigger wheel is really nice. Have fun.
Originally posted by Maestro:
[qb] Does the PRO1000 have that auto-close drawer feature after 30 seconds. I hate that! If it does, can it be turned off? Thanks! Cool [/qb]
No it does not have an auto close mech. . it does have a sleep mode. As for the other units with auto close, you can program them to turn that feature off. . . on some of them (2100,4000,9000)
Originally posted by DJ SKILZ:
[qb] Wow... look who's back again? I thought you were leaving for awhile.. lol Wink [/qb]
Lern to red mang. . . .I said I will not be able to spend as much time providing assistance. . . it does not make me inviso. . it means I got something major going down punk
URGENT HELP NEEDED... hey ppl i just got myself a new dcd-pro 1000, Amazing player, however theres just one problem... the features state that its got a lockout mode [security feature], unfortunately neither the printed manual that comes with the unit, nor the online manual show you how to activate/deactivate this feature... please could someone help me out urgently...
if anyone knows how to activate it, please email me at

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