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Does anyone know how to 'reset' the memory bucket (sample/cues/loops) on the DCD Pro500 dual CD player (or similar). When i first got the machine, the memory bucket was always empty. After many, many years of playing around, my memory buckets always appear full when i put any CD in. I looked in the manual, didin't find much about resetting this memory bucket Frowner

I know you can erase them individually by putting the CD with the cues/samples/loops into the CD tray, pressing memory, then closing the CD tray and deleting them that way. However, i have hundreds of CD's and i know you have to put the CD in the same side as where the memory is stored for each CD. Virtually impossible for me since i never kept track of what i did (which CD...Which side..ect).

So I'm thinking there gotta be a way to 'reset' the memory on the DCD pro500.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Thanks for your response billabong.

I tried powering on while holding down Que, memory que, memory que 1, memory que 2.....memory que 6 each individually. I also tried a few combos with them buttons. Hmmm... I don't doubt it's some sort of key sequence while powering up. Just gotta find out which ones.

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