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I have a DCD-PRO300MKII that I have had for a little over a year now that I use about twice a month. After I had it for a little less than a year the left drive started stopping intermittently, it sounded like when a record skips. I sent it in and had it repaired under warranty. I have to say here that the service was excellent and I got it back in less than 2 weeks. The next gig we used it at, about an hour into the night the right drive started doing the same thing only this time it would do it every time you bumped the rack or if you turned the sound up over about 90 db (not an option), Good thing I have a spare cd player. I again sent it in to repair and this time they upgraded both mechanical assemblies and changed the control IC's. Again the service was excellent and the people were a pleasure to work with and they completed the repairs under warranty.

Today I got it back, it took about 4 weeks this time. I installed it in the rack and the right drive works fine but the left drive won't read the CD. I put the cd in and it runs for about 10 seconds and then says "no Disc" and stops.

My question is are these units often this unreliable? I am getting kind of discouraged here and am wondering if others have had problems like this. I guess I will call service again tommorow but I'm pretty bummed right now because I had intended to use it this weekend.
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I will bring this issue up with the sales department, and with the tech team, and make sure that the right people see this to help you further with this problem.

Please post a working email address so i can get somebody to contact you ASAP.

They will do everything they can to find out whats the main cause of this problem. It seems that it wasn't cared for during shipping. Because all repairs do not leave the wharehouse unless it's been through a 24 hour testing period.
Thanks DJ Skilz, again I had an excellent experiance with the ADJ service people. I called them and they issued a pickup tag for the unit and it was picked up Monday. You can probably tell by my earlier post that I was pretty discouraged that day. I realize things like this happen, and I should be used to that fact after 25 years in the DJ business.

They said it probably got dropped hard in shipping, I couldn't see any damage to the box but I ship products daily so I know how it goes. I'm sure they will get it fixed and it will work fine. They said they would get it out as fast as they could, I was hoping to have it for an event next weekend. But I have other decks and turntables so if it doesn't make it it won't be the end of the world. I'd much rather have it right than fast, although I have to say, they have had a good turn around on it the last two times. I just hope I don't end up on a first name basis with all the guys in service, even though I'm sure they are all nice guys. Smiler

The RA# is 13302, email addy is

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