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The T-brackets for the outside are not the same as the ones that go in the middle.

ALSO, you may need to double check your alignments. It's a bugger to put together, especially that middle part. I leave my intact. Then again, I have a truck big enough to put in a 15-foot i-beam truss. I have 2 10-foot trusses(2 5-footers) and 2 5-foot segments that I use for ground mounting.

Check your alignments and orientation and work one edge at a time.
I suspected that the T-brackets were not the proper fit; however, with my Crank 2 system, all of six (6) T-brackets delivered with the shipment were identical; all exactly the same. I assume, then, that I recieved all "A-connector" T-brackets and no "B-connector" brackets. I should have received four of the "A-cionnectors" and two (2) of the "B-connectors". I'd assume that the difference being that the "B-connectors are slightly larger in clamp raidus to slip over the two I-Beam butt-joints.

The inner tubing holes do align if the "B-connector" T-brackets were correct in inner diameter; enough to slip over and fit onto the two horizontal I-Beam outer tubes.
Is there a part number identity to differentiate the inner T-brackets from the outer T-brackets? When I look at the parts list photos, they appear exactly the same, too. Obviously, they cannot be.

What's my next step to resolve the ill-fit of the T-bracket components? I ordered my system through Guitar Center's internet sales. Please advise.
Post better photos describing your problem.

I have no issue with my Crank-2 system. Then again, I ordered the i-beam trussing first, then got the Crank-2 stands later.

Typically, the 4 brackets for the end have, on the "down part" of the T(the part that goes over the end of the i-beam) are longer than the cross part, if you measure halfway.

Can you even put the inner tubing inside and secure any of those bolts into position(the middle area)?

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