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Hi Dearest Forum.

I'm using version 03 Aug 2015, which I believe to be the latest or near latest version.

Firstly, I have an instance crash whenever I type any character into ScanLibrary Search Dialogue in the main application. I can navigate the tree structure fine.

Secondly, I can define a FX curve generator in the scene builder and all runs very smoothly. However once I use the associated scene, the curve runs very jerky and perhaps even random. I'm using a simple since curve of 3 seconds duration to just the red channel on one fitting.

And Thirdly. I'm using the software with a combination of cinema lights and standard RGB fittings. My plan is to have the cinema lighting provide a variety of ambient light, and then the RGB's to provide temporary effects, for example a read warning light flashing.

So far I've not worked out how to do this. There is the tantalising LTP and HTP modes, which can be checked or applied to all channels and then cleared to Auto on a per channel basis. In my mental model, there are base scenes that drive all fittings and effect scenes that drive only selected channels but leave all other channels at their last set value.

LTP allows for some channels to follow scenes and all the rest are on manual. HTP seems to work on the basis that a scene can exceed the value of a set slider, and an 'off' scene returns the slider to the last known position. These options can only be set when live, so they are not on a 'per scene' basis.

It would be very helpful if scenes had 'Masks' So for example the blackout scene would have no mask and would affect all fittings. An 'Ambient' scene would be masked to drive only the Ambient lights, and an effects scene masked to the effects. As an operator one could set the base ambient scene and then overlay effects at will.

Hope this all makes sense. Happy to talk more.

Double Regards

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Hi Andy, welcome to the forums. Sorry for the delay.

for the crashing and erratic or incorrect effects generating, i'd re-install the software. Are you on Mac or Windows? Here is a fresh link to the aug 3rd Beta:

I would save my profiles and any shows (.DLM files) and i'd wipe and do a clean install. I've not see any odd issues with crashing from searches or undesirable effects generating. Are you adjusting the compression of the effect before you generate it?

HTP and LTP are Global, meaning they do not change from scene to scene, once set they stay there until you manually adjust them or use the top menu drop down to change all channels at once.

If you need scenes masks, you've outgrown MyDMX, it's designed to do one scene and one scene only at a time. the work around is using the HTP to LTP channels.

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