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I'm looking for a light controller for parties, and thought mydmx go would be a good choice. I can't find it in stock anywhere. I can find a dmx dongle for light rider but it's twice the price and has some bad reviews (as does mydmxgo).

They seem to be the same thing. What are the differences between these products?

I want to use an iPad to wirelessly control 7 scanners, 4 pars and a laser. What will work?

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Hi, currently we are out of stock of the MyDMX GO due to global chip shortages.
The only thing that may cause you a little extra effort will be the laser, MyDMX GO/LightRider is basically an app controlled effects engine for Pan and tilt and color mixing. If you look at the ADJ WMX1 ( ) it is like the GO but it is self contained in its own hardware, no computer or iPad is needed for the WMX1, unless you need to transfer show files or add profiles to the library, but it is not wireless, but you can add a wireless DMX system to it to make it wireless.
MyDMX 3.0 is an option but it is a more full fledged computer only software, you CAN use an app with it but the computer must be running the software and it is a paid add on, on top of purchasing the MyDMX 3.0 hardware.

Hope this helps.

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