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Jingles, I have to disagree with you in part.

The C-clamps claim heavy duty and according to the weight, one should be fine. We agree there.

Safety wire should NOT be put through the yoke on moving head lights. Properly designed lights should have a dedicated place to run a safety wire through OR else have a bracket attached to the light to put the wire throught.

Never place a safety wire or any wire or cable through the yoke on any moving head light. You can damage the fixture this way. This doesn't seem to be the case with the AccuScan 250.
Well, now you make me want to over-turn my movers and take a look! They included a bracket for truss mounting, so chances are it's got a location for a safety wire.

But I don't intend to truss mount. I am planning on putting them either on the stage, UNDER my KV2 Audio ES 1.0's(On a stand over the sub, see web site for ideas) or ON an ES 1.0 speaker or stack.

I am using the o-clamps on I-beam truss for my fixtures, and while they hold my Mystic just fine with a single, I might modify the mounting bracket to have it accept 2 o-clamps. My Sunray III has 4 spots for clamps and I do use 2 of them. I like that.

I have so many 0-clamps. HUGE time saver since I leave most of them on the fixtures.

Right now I'm trying to re-design my light show to save time putting it together. I have postponed my repair order(see another thread) until I get it figured out better. Just trying to save set-up time, but minimizing costs. I've been ripped off a lot lately and my truck has needed repairs so money is so tight right now.

BUT: I'm gonna order a TON of safety wires thanks to this threat. Just one more smart thing all of us should do.

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