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I'm new to the MyDMX world - so far best lighting software I've looked at (that's why I bought - easiest and most logical layout of 5 other programs I tried). I'm looking for profiles on the following two fixtures:
Chauvet 6spot:
Manual: (page 9 is DMX info)

Chauvet Trident:
Manual: (page 10 is DMX info)

Also, is there a tutorial somewhere for users to create these profiles? I've only played with setting up MyDMX with what's already included, so I've not looked deeper into the program for creating profiles for fixtures yet...
\\//... just found the tutorial video by Jingles - watching now -
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Moonbeez, the profile you need can be found here: that is for the 6 spot.
That's cool you are in point. I am located in wausau. That video tutorial is old and for the old library program. We have a new one and I do plan on making videos for the new library program. but if you are ever in wausau let me know. you can email me at jamesk at americandj dot com

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