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Well, I have the PS SYS CASE (for Pro Scratch 2s & mixer).
It's dimensions are:

30 inches wide X 17.5 inches deep X 8 inches..uh deep.
These are external case measurements.
The CDI SYS CASE would probably be just slightly larger, since the CDI's are slightly larger than the PS2s.
Weight empty - guessing 15 lbs or so. Loaded up with gear, still not too bad to carry with one arm.
Originally posted by Brian ADJ:
[qb] BK,

I will have some exciting information on the CDI System Case after the holdays, including size and weight.

I know they are just a bit bigger than the Prp-Scratch Case. [/qb]
How exciting? I just ordered a set and it should be here on Thursday. I got the demo display case because they were backordered until January per my dealer.

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