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Hey, I just got 2 CDI-500's ... I just hooked them up to play with them and learn all the features ... as I am playing them I see that the BMP meter is all off ... For instance ... Im playing a song off funkymix thats says the BMP's should be 93 ... The CDI-500 is reading 91 / 94 then it jumps to 128 ... even when the cd is not playing the BPM's still jump around ... does anyone know whats going on ...

If it helps im using the ****** PPD01 Mixer

My old set up was 2 ****** Axis 9's and I never had this problem ...

Any help would be great!
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yea I've had my cdi500's for a couple months now and I've had the same problem from day one. I think maybe the bpm meter is hyper sensitive for "super accurate" reads and musicians are imperfect so the actual bpm fluctuates. I've just resorted to 'tapping' or beatmatching by ear. if anyone knows more please help.
The intenal BPM counter does fluctuate, but I have not seen it go off alot, it reads in real time so if song goes.

Boom, Ch, Boom, Ch, Boom Ch and that is constant at 96 BPM it will read at or close to 96 BPM

Now if your Funkymix goes
Boom Ch, Boom Boom, Ch, Boom Ch, Boom Boom Ch Ch

It will read those extra notes and that will make the readout fluctuate as the extra beats come in and out. And trust me I have seen some that are much MUCH worse.

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