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I just bought my CDI - 500 not to long ago, and almost didnt buy it because of the non-mp3 compatability issue, Now I see they are offering a MP3 CDI-500 and from what I have "investigated" Most places are offering same price as the one I have bought and paid for . so my quesion is, is there an upgrade for those who already own a CDI-500? an upgrade to mp3 compatability? I can tell ya this, I also own a different player from a different brand, the same thing happened, i bought the unit, then , the newer versions had mp3, so they offered alll previous owners a sofware upgrade, for free, for some reason im not expecting you guys to do the same, Im not even sure if it is something that can be upgraded with software alone, but at least offer some sort of upgrade, even if i have to pay for the upgrade software (if thats all it takes)
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Sorry, no upgrade available....

It was more than just a firmware upgrade, including a totally new drawer mechanism, and laser pickup assembly, and a better audio pre-amp.

Look at it this way.
When you buy a new car, and the release the next years model a few years later with new additions, or changed body style, they don't just rebuild your car for you. If they did the manufacturer would go broke. Again I am sorry, there is no way to just do a simple upgrade for the new features.

DJ manufacturers have been upgrading for years, without upgrading current users look at 1200 turntables, or the Pio CDJ's.

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