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I am trying to use the MyDMXGO wireless DMX receiver with a Chauvet Gigbar Move. I have set up the Gigbar in DMX mode, trying both channels 1 and 11. I'm using the MyDMXGo software from an iPad, and I'm able to connect to the receiver enough to where it shows L1 (Live?) when I am in Live mode. But no movements of faders, presets, or anything results in any lights coming on on the Gigbar, even through a brand new 3-foot DMX cable.

Can anyone help?

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Hi, the MyDMX GO is not a Wireless DMX receiver nor a transmitter, so if you are using a Wireless DMX transmitter with the GO, you def. need space between the GO and the transmitter as they both operate on the 2.4Ghz spectrum and will cancel each other out and nothing will work.
Just try using only a DMX cable from Output 1 side of the GO to the gigbar and see how it works. 

Hello, Jingles. I'm not sure I understand...I thought this WAS a wireless DMX receiver. At the very least, it gets wireless communication from the iPad app by the same name (myDMXGo).

The signal path, as I have it set up, is from iPad app to the hardware receiver, then through a 3' DMX cable to the Gigbar. I was told by ADJ support that this was correct, and they seem stunned that it doesn't work. So does Chauvet, and they're just pointing fingers at one another for where the problem is.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get a hardware-based DMX controller to see if that works.

Hi, so without trying to get super technical, the GO is more of a wireless controller communication, to make it a true wireless DMX system it would also send wireless DMX over the network to fixtures that have the same protocol of wireless DMX receivers, it does not, it only wirelessly communicates from GO to iPad, that is not DMX, the GO hardware is sending DMX out of the DMX output 1, that is hardwired.
One thing you could do to test, is on a Mac or Windows computer, download Hardware manager, and plug the GOs usb into the computer, launch hardware manager and use the DMX tester section of the program to test the DMX going out of DMX output 1. See pic attached to this post.


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