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I am using the newest iPad Pro [12.9 inch]. MyDMX hardware is all up to date and the software on my iPad is up to date.

About a week ago I was able to add fixtures, now when I press the button to look for fixtures it doesn’t respond.  I’ve have restarted my iPad and the MyDMX go software countless times, and still nothing. This is very frustrating, honestly making me loose trust in adj.

The limitation button works but when I get the grid to move it around, and I touch it does not respond to my touch. On my android tablet it works fine. Again about a week or so again this wasn’t a problem and now when I start it up today I run into this. Not good

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Hi, sorry you are having issue.
when you go to search for fixtures are you selecting the built in library (globe icon) or the user library (person shape icon)? Also are you connected to the GOs Wi-Fi or regular wifi? To patch fixtures the first time you’ll need an internet connection to download the profile from either library the first time.

what fixtures are you using with the limiter?

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