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Hi please can i get a fixture for the these lights:

Beams 230 7R. I have attached the user manual below. I cannot seem to link it as the brand is not within MyDMX GO.

Just to save time to. Is it possible to get the fixture also for the DDJ FLX10 as well as the DDJ 1000 so the beams 230 7r can work with both the controllers? Aswell as the RB-DMX1 (Pioneer).

Thank you in advance. Really appreciate the workflow you guys do.


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Ok, but as I said the color information is missing from the DMX chart, I CAN make this profile as is right now, but it will always be white, no colors unless you go to the fixtures area and manually move the color channel fader and store it into each preset, the reason it works on the NE1 is its just recalling a value...... on the GO it is looked for a color value to work best and i can't give it a color value as all we see if Color 1 color 2 etc.
So if you know the color order, please just type it up in order from white to color 1 color 2 etc and I can make a better working profile.

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