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Hi, I use an ipad App (bandhelper) to send Midi signals to my guitar pedalboard ( gt1000core via Bluetooth Widijack) to change sounds for each song. Some of these Midi signals are raw sysex, so I have that capability. This is done via Bluetooth to a Widi jack.
I have a midi out on that Widi jack if required.
So, I'd love to control our band dmx lighting, from a press of that song on bandhelper on the iPad.
Can mydmxgo interact with bandhelper to do that?
The Idea is I hit "still got the blues" as a song and all of our lights turn blue ( to start with!)

I don’t want to have to flip between apps (BandHelper and myDMX go) to be able to do this live.
Any help is much appreciated

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Hi! if you read the manual from the MyDMX GO product page, in it you will see a section on MIDI.

The effect buttons, preset buttons, flash buttons and sub master dimmers can be controlled by MIDI. This is a bonus feature and custom mappings are not currently possible. If you have a controller such as an Elation or Behringer controller, you can normally modify the commands the controller sends (refer to the respective user manuals for further info). To control myDMX GO via MIDI, you’ll need a Lightning to USB adapter.
The MIDI mappings are as follows:
Color Effects 1-8: Note 40-47
Move Effects 1-8: Note 48-55
Presets 1-8: Note 39-32
Presets 9-16: Note 31-24
Presets 17-24: Note 23-16
Presets 25-32: Note 15-8
Presets 33-40: Note 7-0
Sub master dimmers 1-8: CC 48-55
Sub flash buttons 1-8: Note 64-71
Master dimmer: CC 56
Strobe button: Note 56
Flash buttons 1-5: Note 58-62
TAP button: Note 63

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