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On ADJ website, it says clearly "myDMX 3.0 software does not work with myDMX 2.0 hardware" ... BUT, right above that I kinda get the idea that it can run together but only in "Express Mode" . After reading what "Express Mode" is, I got to the conclusion that it would satisfy my needs just fine. That is to say if the two are compatible?

Or am I misunderstanding the "Express Mode" ?

See attachment for the text I'm referring to


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The MyDMX 2.0 software will not be compatible with the 3.0 software. The reason being is that it requires registering the interface which the 2.0 interface won't be able to do. The MyDMX Buddy, MyDMX 2.1, MyDMX 3.0, and MyDMX RM are the only interfaces compatible with the software.

The MyDMX Buddy comes with the express license for the 2.0 software but if you register it then you can use the 2.1 software, you will need to purchase a license upgrade but the other interfaces come with the express license for the 3.0 already included. 

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