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I've used various AA products over the years and have enjoyed them all. I will be using the new Cortex controller - which controls music files on nearly any usb device (ipod, hard drive, etc) and it acts like a cd controller.

Is American DJ planning on coming out with a device like this and if so when? This will definitely be the way to go and I'm getting tired of another cd/mp3 player released by AA. Cripes, how many more of these do we need?
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A while back, ADJ released a system called the Pro Mix that looked like a dual-deck CD controller. It would interface with your computer to control MP3 files.

It has since been discontinued, and no product ever really came out to take its place, so I doubt that we will see anything like it in the immediate future from AA.

I hope I'm wrong, though.
We've been on this new gear bandwagon for a while. AA isn't planning on competing with anyone anytime soon. They are content for now. It is just time for us to move on with some things. I still use the American Dj lights and mixer but I have gone elsewhere for other items. Oh well you can't stay on top forever ....right Wink

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