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I have one button on my WMX1, and it says "SMOKE". What should my settings be on the Entour Faze to utilize this one button system. For example: DMX Mode? Volume? Interval? Duration? Heat Preservation?

I want to run this in a club atmosphere.  I'd like to have it go full out for about 5 seconds each time I hit the smoke button on the WMX1. That way I can replenish the mist any time I feel it needs it. I can for example hit it 3 times in a row for 3, 5 second bursts if I need to. 10 or 20 minutes later if I feel I need more, I hit it again and so on thru the night. Is there a setting of 0 for the Interval DMX Mode? I want to do this when I feel it's necessary, not have it go automatically.

Any info would be helpful, especially and specifically the full list of settings for all the DMX modes.

Thank You


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I've got an idea here. If you can download the Entour Faze User Instruction manual and turn to page 9  you will see what I think should make the set-up easy to figure out. Just by looking at it it may be self explanatory.

Maybe this is how the one Button "SMOKE" on the WMX1 will work with it.

It looks like you set it to DMX Channel  1

Then set your Volume Level.  I'd probably go 80%

Interval? I don't know what to do with this?

Duration: Just try 5 Seconds for example

Heat Preservation?  I'm not sure  "no limit" As I'll be running fog on and off for about 4 hrs.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks, Brian

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