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I HOPE I am in the right place for this. New ADJ DMX Operator User here. I will throw all my questions in one place:

1. I can create a SCENE just fine, but the manual states how to delete ONE scene only, and I cannot get this to work. I can delete "all scenes" in the bank just fine, but to delete only ONE.....doesn't work as stated? Thoughts?

2) WHY when the power comes up does it automatically open/start/displays Scene 1? Then I have to push the scene 1 button to turn it off?

3) Is there no way to go from auto running chases to going back to MANUAL use of the sliders without a power off and power on?

4) When I open a chase in manual, I do not get tapsync to work at all, not sure what is wrong (in auto the chase advances just fine).

Anyway, #3 makes me if I was using some scenes or a chase, and then I need to stop because someone wants to speak, I want to direct lights to where they are standing.......but cannot get back to manual use of the fixtures I want and using the sliders manually without having to turn off the DMX and power it back on. Of course all the fixtures briefly light up at power-up and it just looks so unprofessional.

Again, have mercy on me if I am posting in the wrong place. I am to present what I created this Thursday and there are still erratic things I cannot sort out yet.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!



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I have noticed if running a chase on auto, and doing just that, turning off auto, and selecting a scene, it goes on....but pressing it again won't go off? now doing a scene from power-up, will go on and off just fine by pressing once for on, again for off. But NOT after a chase has been running in auto....even when turning auto off. I know I repeated there....just trying to be sure for myself I was clear.

Any thoughts?

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