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Hi everyone,

I didnt figure out what to do, so I'll give this a try.

Yesterday I doubled my lighting equipment, so everything went from two to four.

Now I've programmed everything before, but I want my new lights to join in.

For example, I programmed two moving heads, colors, movements, dimmer, etc.

Is it possible to copy these settings to my new ones? So it will run on four instead of two. Lights are all the same..

I did not find any solution so far.. would be great to copy everything instead of days of programming... HELP!

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If you want a simple solution, you could simply run them with the same addresses so you wouldn't need any further programming. Otherwise though I don't believe there's a copy paste for just a colour etc. as it's sending channel numbers not RGB values.

Though it might be a bit more time to rig them up individually, I personally would give them their own channel and suffer through adding them into the scenes you want to.

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