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i just bought 2 Accu Scan 250 & a DMX operator 192, where do i start? i plugged in all the XLR cables from 2 fixtures to the operator. should i turn on the lights first or the operator? do i have to set up anything on the 2 Accu scan before i do anything with the operator? please can someone show me the step by step how to do it? what is dip switch? where is dip switch on the operator? i even follow the step by step on the operator 192 video bit still doesn't work.lights are on but when i try to move them with the joy stick nothing happen, they are not responding? can somebody please help me? thanks!
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try reading your manual. first off Welcome to the forums. also there are no dip switches on the operator 192. there are also no dip switches on the accu scans either. also it doesnt matter wither you turn on lights or controller first once both are on they should kinda synch together. like u will be able to use the controller and the lights will be in DMX mode. but u have to address the lights too. do you know how to do that? also u have to assign the joystick in order for it to work on the fixtures aswell. let me know how much of this helps. and whats left to do etc etc. peace! jingles!
thanks for responding quickly and yes i did address the lights but im not sure if i did it correctly, here's how i did it(fixture 1 is address to 1 & fixture 2 is address to 2) makes sense? did i do it right? and yes i did assign the joy stick as well, i even watch the video on how to do it but when i try to move the stick there's no respond? what am i doing wrong? thanks again!
does the operator 192 comes with a instruction video? and as i reading the manual it says all units must be on 4 or 2 different addresses to individually set the DMX addresses for each unit, can somebody specificaly explain that to me? sorry for being dumb with this. and also about the master/slave sound active mode? should i set the 2 fixtures to 'master' to use this mode? or 1 fixture is set to 'Master' and the 2nd fixture is set to 'Alone' sorry im not sure how do this.
ok on the operator 192 the channels are blocked in 16's ok? so fixture one is on a001 and fixture 2 is on a017. undertand? and maybe the reason the joystick isn;t working is cause the fixturesarent addressed right. if u want an instructional DVD of the operator 192 e mail me your info. e mail me at james k @ elation (i seperated it due to spam bots) and also for master/slave mode u can have either or be a master and then the next one a slave. therefore master/slave mode. read your manual for the lights aswell it is all covered in there. best regards, james. if u have any more question feel free to keep posting. sincerely,
yo Jingles, i got the joy stick working now thanks to you! but i have another question though, on the instructional video it said something about fine channel? does Accu Scan have fine channel? & what is fine channel? and also the audio input on the operator, where do you connect it to? it seems like the lights is not responding to sound. i set up the fixtures to master/slave sound active then connect the audio input to my mixer output, is that right?
ok the accu scns do not have fine pan and tilt but u can still asign those channels to the fine mode and it will just run the values slower so u can get more presice positioning. there is a sound button on the controller. if u hook up the audio from ur rig inti the console it will get kinda jumpy as running them in sound active during a live DJ event will just make the lights go crazy due to the volume! this is why u bought a DMX controller right? so you could control the movements. actually u could just set em up master and slave and then just have em run like that. my two watts on it.
Jingles it's me again, i got pretty much everything figured out.i know how to use Joystick,pan,tilt,gobos,colors,strobe,fast/slow,channels,banks,assigning fixtures,addressing etc. it all makes sense now,'s another problem i'm having i'm trying to adjust the sound sensitivity on my Accu's right? now i checked the manual it says "ACCES MAIN MENU" tap the up button intil "MIC" displayed. ok now, i did all that but couldn't find "MIC" on the main menu? what the hell? help please!
suppoed to hit the mode button then press up or down i think till u see menu then tap menu again to enter i believe then tap the up or down buttons till u see mic in the screen. then adjust it between 1-99 but i assumes that would be 0 is lowest sensitivity and 99 is the highest. this is all assuming and looking at the manual on my end here ok? i have never even touched one of these fixtures ok? lol let me know. peace!
Originally posted by DEFMODE:
OK , here are the system menu displayed in order..ADDRESS/TEST/PLAY/RESET/TIME/RPAN/RTILT/DISPLAY/SPEC/EDIT. no "MUNE" or "MIC"? im confused! help!

Interestingly enough, this is the system menu for the fixture, yet there is no MIC option after RTILT. Go figure...

That's weird (sorry I can't help further).

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