Hey people, wat do all you people usually wear to your gigs? I kno it depends on the type, but im talkin a regular small party for your friends or sumthin close 2 that. just interested, and bored.
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A Small Teee (cos thatz de smallest u get now a days) and Jenes or pantz or sometimes try out new things like. A shirt Tie formal shoes and 3 fourths. It accutally looks cool Big Grin and then de gurls think u look fab cos u some up wid some new.

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[qb]Any teen's out there or people who nvr grew up? im thinkin a hoodie w/ baggy jeans and a visor. Lemme me know wat u think! [/qb]
A house party? I love house parties. (You don't really indicate, but since you're a teenager, and you say it's for a few friends, I'm drawing that inference.)

I never grew up. When I play a casual house party, I usually wear a hockey jersey. Loose-fitting, a little different from everyone else, etc. This one I have is sorta shiny and looks fun.

Also, if you're in a house (not House) setting, you're going to be right with the floor. In my experience, if you're not in a remote, elevated booth, people will literally be looking to you to determine whether they're having a good time. In these settings the jock can be the party's leader, not the follower. I'd think about ditching the visor as it limits eye contact with your guests. Also, I find I get pretty warm when I'm working. You sure you want to wear a hoodie?
I wear either khakis or nice blue jeans, depending on how "dressy" the event is, and I had some polo shirts with my business name embroidered on them, so I wear one of those as well...along with some nice shoes. Having your business name on your attire looks more professional than just a shirt.
We I first started out on my own, me and the other guy working for me would wear referee shirts and windbreaker pants.. it was neat and we recived a lot of comments.. we don't wear them any more, but I am sure we might someday, but it was something different!
I used to do the tux thing but it's just gets to hot ( still do by request only) Now I go with the weather warm> logo polo, cooler weather> logo shirt or plain dress shirt, colder> logo denim long sleeve shirt. usually go with khaki or jeans kinda judge the event for this. I'm known in these here parts for my many hats/caps I'm always changing headwear during the dance to fit the genre. Just a thang that I do. Outside summer gigs I go with the Hawaiin print shirts and of course shorts. I try to fit the theme/mood of the event best I can.

- ircoach
Black. Black button down shirt with black pants and black sneakers or shoes. It looks sharp, and sets you apart from the crowd.

You're friend's party, is it a sweet 16, house party, or what? If it's just a house party, go with whatever. If it's a sweet 16, and there are parents and other adults present, you may want to go with a more professional look.
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[qb] Devil, I really didn't unserstand anything you said lol.. but we wear a polo shirt with our logo on it.. other then that it's Tux, thats the only "uniforms" we have. [/qb]
Well ..... in short cos i am tiny i wear a tiny teeshirt and jenes n stuff unless its a weeding where i wear a shirt tie n stuff.
And once i went to a party with a shirt, Tie, and 3 fourths(they are a little longer than shorts but shorter than pants) that was wicked cos everyone was like whoz that dude?
Seriously try it some day Big Grin Big Grin

Im from Detroit area so we have alot of the underground and bigtime techno here, so for house parties I like to rep this to people so I wear baggy pants and then one of the shirts from around here and a hat backwards for the eye contact like sumone mentiond. But if the crowd is more on the preppy party side I go with that. But thats only for kids house parties and such. You just need a feel of what would work out with your crowd. DJ's are also different then the normal party person and sumtimes its better to show that off Razzer
I'm 48 years old,5'10",& weigh 265 lbs. so its hard to look good no matter what I wear.At casual parties my uniform is a big Hawaiian floral print shirt & ****ies cargo pants with outdoor moc shoes and a baseball cap.At formal events,black double breasted suit,black shirt,& rattle snake rattler bolo tie with black & white Stacey Adams two tone shoes & a pork pie hat.After I start working the suit jacket comes off & shirt sleeves get rolled up fairly quick.I usually switch to a black baseball cap after about 30 minutes.No one seems to mind.
i like to change my style up randomly one week ill wear a dress shirt and black sports coat the next itll be a tshirt and tore up shorts with workboots i guess it depends on my mood. but thats just for parties i get more formal depending on the function

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