Ok to everyone with any experience in DJing. In your opinion are there turntables that are unmixable? In others words are there some tables sold that are truely only good for playing a record? If your answer is yes, why and give examples, if your answer is no please do the same...thanx guys!
Peace and Luv, Shannon Big Grin Razzer Big Grin Razzer
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Originally posted by DJJR:
[qb]yes there are turntable made for just "playing a record" one is made by ve$t@x the model is.....i forgot but it is called petite something.[/qb]

Dont knock it cuz you cant afford it.

DJ Bug,
yes some of the budget modeled DJ turntables are not very good for mixing. They generally have a low torque motor that have a hard time picking up speed after you press the start button. You want a turntable that will go back to regular playing speed immediately even after you put your hand on the platter. Also, cheaper turntables have a pitch control that isnt accurate, it will fluctate. This is known as wow and flutter. A TT with a low wow and flutter is good.

Of course, i cannot recommend you a TT here, as it will be asking bill gates what kind of operating system you should use. Email me if you need further (non biased) help.


Jackie first off, we do value your opinions. We don't have biased opinions but if you wish to talk about other company's products go check their message boards, , , as John has stated before, most of them don't have a message board, and any other company that does would do the sameon their forum.

The turntable you use, should be what you feel most comfortable working on, not what everyone else tells you to use, or what everyone else uses. I find after using the 2.2 for about 2 months now right next to a 1200, they stack up very nicely, and I don't have to worry about not having such features as ~ reverse platter, +/-20 pitch % and so on. But as I said, that's my prefrence, and not everyone thinks the same.

Please stop making us sound like we are mental patients, and belong in an insane asylum, as most if not all of us are dj's just like you. Nobody here has ever done anything to disrespect you but clearly you just want to disagree with everything we say. We have rules on this forum that are just the same as every other forum, if you cannot obey those rules, then this is not the forum for you. We have a lot of dj's from a lot of different backgrounds, experience levels and some of them don't have the budget to go out and by a pair of 1200's, or for that matter, every single unit that is considered the "best" or "industry standard". American Audio has come a long way in the past few years, and is making QUALITY gear at Affordable prices, try to find the next company that does that. By the way do you know what company is behind the Tech 1200? They are made by Panasonic. . . . .that's just a random thought. Smiler
Wow! I didn't mean to cause any hard feelings. I was just wondering cause I recently got some Nu*@$ks and I was told that they were unmixable and I would never be able to mix on them. And that I should just get rid of them now. This was by a pretty respectable DJ around Dallas. So I was only curious Frowner . You guys need not get upset...please Big Grin . But thanks for the advice anyone else?
-Shannon Razzer
Shannon if you have them, learn how to use them. If you plug them in and they work, more power to you, the only thing that I can think is that they would be belt driven turntables as opposed to a direct drive tt, which then I would understand the unmixable comment, however it's not the gear that makes the dj, it's the dj that makes the best of his or her gear.
Awesome see I knew I was right! And they are Direct Drive I made sure of that when I bought them. It is hard but I have been able to do it(beat match). Beat matching is hard and takes muy practice, so I figured that was why it was so hard not that the tables were bad.
Thanks Guys, Shannon
Look at it this way, if you learn the skill, which the turntable will NEVER Teach you, on something that's considered by others to be "cheap" or "c*ap" then when you master beat mixing, you can do it ony any turntable, or cd deck for that matter.
American Audio has come a long way in the past few years, and is making QUALITY gear at Affordable prices, try to find the next company that does that. By the way do you know what company is behind the Tech 1200?

I know, i love your some of ADJ/AA stuff. Why do you think im here? Im not here to disagree with you, i just like to be devils advocate sometimes. Root for the underdog so to speak. And dont EVEN tell me that you arent biased...
If it appears to you that I am biased it's cause quite frankly, I'm fed up with a lot of the other companies and corporations that are always looking at the bottom line and say finding places that are less expensive like malaysia to produce their gear and still charge 2-300 more than they should actually be. In my dealings with American DJ/Audio they are very honest, upfront, and are willing to WORK hand in hand with the dj's that they are catering to.
djjr, my apologies, I thought u were referring to the PD X 2k ... when u say "Petite something" i thought it was saying "PD" THey have another model name for their non dj tt.

clip, I know what company you are talking about, Ive seen you on their boards, and i agree with what you are saying. I also like ADJ, particularily the cd players! When I critisize, I dont do so to bash the products or the company, It's constructive critism. I wanna let you guys know what i do and dont like. But you guys seem so defensive about your products.
ok everybody my tables work fine!!!! I have successfully beat-mixed at least a half dozen times! YEAH! I think the key thing I did was put the tables on something hard and stable. They were on the carpet floor then of a couple of boxes. A hard table made all the difference! Ya learn as you go, right! Big Grin

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