how is vdj as far as a pro software? I never had the opportunity to mess with it, but im not sure it is up to par with serato. sinc buttons? really? thats the reason why im not sure about it (i have other reasons). does it drop out? is there updates to the software? how are the time codes for it as far as responsive? how does it compare to serato? is it better than traktor? can you mix videos right out of the box, or do you need topurchase an upgrade or something like that?
im looking to get the vms4 butnot sure if i want to go with vdj or traktor.
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i cannot comment on VDJ, since i never used it.

but if you want to compare traktor scratch and serato scratch live, traktor puts out the better sound quality and a slightly tighter timecode feeling.

but the differences between these two biggest competitors are only small and your decision will rely much more on the way you're DJing.

you need to have videos? ok, then you dont want to use traktor.

you want to have exact loops, synced effects etc? then ssl isnt for you.

i always recommend to get hands on all options and then decide on your personal style. Smiler
i noticed that there is somedelay on serato when you scratch, but i figured that it was the best out there. supposedly, it was the industry standard, right? from the begining, i heard that serato was the one to have. but people started saying that traktor is the best.
I have used VDJ since version 3 (around 2001) for mobile applications. I completed dumped Vinyl, CD's and PCDJ Red around 2007, and haven't looked back, and I have never had one complaint or issue with VDJ. Now I am not a tablist, but I have been mixing since 1988, and I am happy with the features of VDJ, although I do not use all of them. I would recommend no matter what software you decide on. Here is the most important thing.
1) Only install the OS, and your DJ application...Now this is important nothing else!
2) Optomize the OS by turning off anything that can use resources that you do not need to operate the software (Modems, NIC's, Wireless, Bluetooth, Print Services, Server Services, etc.)
3) Use the most powerful machine that you can afford, and if you plan on doing video, do not use an i3, i5, or anything else that uses Intel Video, or ATI/NVIDIA embeded video.
I've used the vestax and dont really care for it. the truth is I am more of a turntable dj and i am getting caught up in the hype. I like the fact that it has all those buttons to control the loops and fx, and all that other stuff. I have to use midi pads and it takes up my usb ports and doesnt really leave much space for othe things to plug in. I figured i would get a VMS4 and if i wouldnt like it that much (probably not since like I said Im a table kind of dj), I would have my tables hooked up and ready to go.
thats cool anyways.
Yeah boy! 4th place whats in a noame contest!
i'm also coming from records.

that's my #1 feature on the vms: that the mixer part is analog.

this way you can not only use the mixer with records without powering the computer, you can also hook up a second person.

the vms was pretty much the first on the market with that feature.
yeah, it definately makes it more versatile thats for sure. i do sound at a club and these guys have all these sets across the stage, and i thought to my self that if they were using the vms4, they would save lots of spce for sure.

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