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Yo DJ Skilz
Whats happening ? I was just wondering how did you get american dj to sponser you ? Would it be possible for ne one to be sponsered or do you have to be really really good or something ?

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I got the sponsorship back in 1996 at the first Mobile Beat show in Las Vegas. ADJ called up a local DJ store that i worked at here in vegas ( Limelite DJ supply ) and John Brown ( Audio Manager ) said to the owner that they needed a guy who can scratch on Vinyl, and they found me intriguing, and asked me if i would like to endorse there Audio Line. I proudly accepted the offer and i have been with ADJ ever since, I wouldn't be anywhere else.

In the past few years i have been more involved in the Audio line, and i feel like my job is to make sure that every DJ out there is going to love American DJ's audio line. And i guarentee that the Majority of all types of DJ's will be very pleased with ADJ's Future products.

Since 1996 i have been practicing almost everyday so that i can show off there new products at the best of my ability that i can offer. I need to keep my talent up to par as much as possible.

P.S No not everyone can pick up a sponsorship, and Yes you have to be realy realy good. But there is no problem on sending your CD to John Brown and try to get a sponsorship from ADJ.

Hope this information was helpful. Smiler

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