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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Xscan LED Plus? Wondering how they find the brightness and the it choppy at slower speeds? I have noticed the revo scans that we have are very choppy when slower. Does the brightness compare to something with a HTI 150 Discharge lamp?

Thanks for the feedback!
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Hi Jesse,
Welcome to the forums....

You can see a couple of comparison videos here.
LED vs Halogen vs HTI. I did these as a quick comparison.
The first video compares the Comscan to a 250 Halogen. The Comscan is a 10 Watt LED source, and I think the X-Scan Plus is a 20 Watt. The second is a Vizi Spot LED 22 Watt LED vs a 150 Martin Discharge.
Now I haven't had the pleasure of using an X-Move plus, but from what I know it should be close to the Vizi Spot LED in terms of brightness, and I am sure it would be just as smooth or smoother than the Comscans being a higher end fixture. And the Comscans are surprisingly smooth at low speed, especially for their cost.
Thanks Steve, I used to be part of the forum a few years ago and have just signed back up again... Anyway if anyone out there has any experience with this fixture I would like to hear what you think of it....Im looking for a reliable LED Scanner to replace some really old RoboScan 812's that use an HTI 150...looking for something with similar output.

The X scan LED plus is pretty bright. I have used some x move pluses in a club a while back and they were very decent. I don't think they would quite compare to a 150 HTI But I would say they come as close as you can get from a 20W LED.
As far as smoothness goes. They are pretty smooth but keep in mind fixtures that use 16bit pan and tilt motors can be more smooth. The X Scan and move do not have 16 bit pan and tilt. Just 8 bit. Just a note. do you not have a local Guitar center? These should be in every GC lighting room in the US.

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