Well since I am spinning a wedding on Sunday, my wife allowed me to have some of my gifts early. Here is what I got so far......
Socom II
Knights Of The Old Republic (The first one)
The Temptations movie - God I love it 3hrs long, awesome movie.
Some new Jammies
A KC Chiefs Wrap (like a robe)
A Pair Of Cargo's

I get the rest tomorrow....
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[qb] no new DJ stuff here, but [/qb]
but i did save a bunch of money on my car insurance Big Grin Big Grin [/qb]
-but i did stay at a holiday express last night! Smiler [/qb]
Hey, that's my line! Big Grin

Stevie, no cymbal stand? Smiler

Family Guy rocks! I got season 1&2 last X-mas. One of my favorite episoides is "The King is Dead". The ending is the best!

Since we're listing:
Microsoft Optical mouse (finally!)
Fatboy Slim "Palookaville"
Xbox controller
Kill Bill vol. 2
Gameboy Advanced SP (silver)
TRON 2.0 Killer APP (Xbox)
Midway's Arcade Treasures Volume 2 (Xbox)
Atari Anthology (Xbox)
DeWalt 14.4V drill

[Just so you guys don't get the wrong idea, this is from both sides of the family plus my wife Smiler ]

Happy Boxing Day!

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