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I used to use a set of home made lighting stands that weighed a ton. Eventually I wised up and bought a set of tripods, what a blessing. My LTS-2's are a great set of stands.

I just ordered the crank one system from PSSL. I am really looking forward to using the product.

Thats great man. Congradulations.
Getting new stuff rocks. Especially when it makes life easier.
also one of my freinds and i were thinking

if you take the truss-2 system and buy an extra peice of trus and a stande and put it in the middle you could increase the weight capacity and the amount of lights you could put on

is this an accurate assecment?

i'm still waiting to get mine (we got a HUGE snow storm almost 120 cm got dropped)

wow havn't been on the forums in a while, beein doing musicals, plays, and whatnot for school so I'll make this my first post. If I understand you right you would then have 3 sections of truss interconnected and then tripods on the ends and one smack dab in the middle. In theory you would be shortening the span of the truss before support by 25%, which should also, in theory, allow for more weight, however you have to consider now you have weight on both sides of one tripod, so this may limit you to some degree (unless you bought a tougher tripod specifcally for the middle). My $.02 says dont waste the money enhancing a lightweight stand, but rather go with triangle truss and stronger grip tripods.


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