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Hey there all - looking for some advice many pleases.

I'm thinking of getting myself a mydmx Go - initially to control my Chavuet Gigbar 2.0 but later on to get some moving heads. I'm running DJ Pro on the ipad with a Reloop mixon 4 so my plan will be to have two ipads - one for music one for lighting.

This allows me to take advantage of Ableton link between the two if i can get them on the same network - however so far all I see about the mydmx go is it connects point to point with one ipad.

I'll need to wireless configure it to connect to another wireless lan, so i can have all three devices on the same network.

Any idea how to do it? Or what software is running on these boxes so i can research further.

I can only imagine re-configuring it wirelessly - but if it doesn't work i'll have to be able to factory reset it if the memory keeps the settings. Is this an option? I don't see details like this in the manual...


Many thanks,


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