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I just purchased the myDMX GO. I have a Apple iPad Air - 10.9-inch (4th Generation) running Software Version: 15.6.1.
I download app.
Created an account.
Can’t get the app to load or display any fixture list. I keep pressing myDMX GO and Refresh. Fixtures icon is lit “white” however, does do nothing.
Tried to use the Internet/global icon on bottom left corner, doesn’t display anything either.
How do I get the list of figures to add my lights?
Also, my iPad Wi-Fi found and loaded - Smart Dmx Interface 209125. Connects for about one minute or less with check mark and "Weak Security” message . Then loses connect and reads "No Internet Connection"
I unplugged power and restarted myDMX GO many times.
Tried moving to muliple different locations.
Separate unit from lights.
Restarted iPad multiple times.
Out of troubleshooting steps..
Help me...Please
Thank You In Advance.
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I am also have an issue when trying to connect to my my DMX go Internet. I connected the interface to my computer and updated it to the latest firmware which did nothing, in fact, I cannot connect to the device at all as it keeps on saying failed to connect to smart DMX. I’m not too sure on how to fix this. I even went to my local DJ shop and they replaced my unit and I’m still having the same issue.  Please help me I’m out of ideas on how to fix this.

alrighty i have had my mydmxgo for a year and only getting it out to use it with my setup in the last few weeks.

I found a solution, but read below to see if this is similar to your issue.

The first gig i did went fine. testing it at home was a breeze. no issues.

The second gig a few days later.. my god.. lost connection during the opening ceremony, lost connection during first dance, lost connection through multiple drops of songs saying to power cycle the device but then leaving people in complete darkness or like imaging dropping a floor filling song and the lights are just stuck on blue with no motions from losing connection AGAIN.

the wifi light goes off and thats it! nothing.

totally ruined the night. i ripped out all of the dmx cables and stuck the lights on auto mode, moving head going nuts like flies on the ceiling. not happy at all.

next gig then, exactly the same, i thought maybe it was wifi interefence or something, but the aerial was literally right next to the ipad. tried it high. low.. exact same it would just lose connection randomly and never come back! kept saying no wifi..

power cycle device...

power cycling u lose your lights. darkness.

total gamble whether it would reconnect. 5 songs later i had my lights back. Whoever recommends this is paid to do so imo and havent used it for long.

Desperately looking for help before my next gig (3 gigs in one week and no time to get a replacement) I read that "oh its the ipad, the display mode is timing out so you have to set it to never sleep"

or "dont have any other apps open"

none of this worked. seemed too random as well as it would be 10 mins.. 2 mins.. 30 mins.. losing connection at all random times.

Testing it at home it seemed to be all fine no issues! So im tearing my beard out with this and then one gig.. worked totally fine. ?!?!

connection dropped once but what I noticed I did was I had connected to the smartdmx wifi using my phone to see if the connection was there as the ipad was losing connection.

I left my phone connected to wifi  smartdmx and connected the ipad to smartdmx wifi as well and bam! no connections drops AT ALL. Not even once!!

I have an ipad 7th gen, its older, maybe apple dont want things to work on it anymore.. who knows but whatever is happening it sets the mydmxgo receiver thinking "ok, signal is weak? so i stop now and search for you" and so then the mydmxgo software is then looking for the device again, and because of this its searching for the device, but then the ipad is like "no all is fine, we r connected..." so the ipad thinks its all good, but the software says otherwise

then the two things conflict with eachother and results them in not seeing eachother at all. one is saying connected. one is saying not connected so they never seem to get out of that loop until you power off everything and start over. but even then i found that it wont connect from powering off the ipad and the receiver.. never did this at home!!i

So what got me connected permanently is I just go on my phone (android phone btw) I connect to the smartdmx wifi as i would any wifi, entering the password for it as normal (mydmxgo doesnt work on phones as screen is too small so i dont have the software on my phone, its just connected to the wifi to it).

For some reason then, i believe that the receiver always sees a connection and so it doesnt then go into search mode, so then that conflicting "searching for a device thats already connected" goes away. the receiver always is connected either to my phone or the ipad.

I have no real idea only a guess why this works but I did a wedding last night and luckily the bride and groom were running late and i lost the lights 20 mins before the first dance.. i connected my android phone to the smartdmx wifi. refreshed the mydmx device on the ipad software and it found it. lights worked and the wifi light was flashing fast and staying connected all through the night.

so give this a try to see if this helps you and let me know if it did work for you too!

Hello, so what i've learned with my DMX Go is to make sure its not set on dual access for wifi connection. You can find this section in your Hardware Manager tool at the bottom, I experienced similar issues whenever i setup for a gig away from home, my dmx go would drop or lose connection and i would lose lights or they would be stuck on the last setting. Once i realize that both my dmx go and ipad were searching for my home network at my gig i simply switch from dual to access and that resolved my issue. Now my DMX Go is stable once again and no issues so far.

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