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Almost everyone has a laptop these days.

Elation DMX Operator. Street is $199.99. It's a decent starter controller, but not a lot of features. 240 scenes, 6 chases, sound active chase function, fade times, but 192 channels.

Jumpiung up to the Elation DMX Operator Pro, which I don't know much about except it streets at Guitar Center at $379.99. 136 DMX channels, got some sort of weird things about it if you compare it to other controllers. I don't say weird as a bad thing, it's just something you will quickly get used to if you have one.

Then, going software, let's look at MyDMX:
$299.99 at Guitar Center. 512 DMX channels, no quirkiness and will simply put BLOW AWAY both controllers.

You already got a laptop. Let's put it to good use dealing with your lights!

If you're looking for a dealer for the MyDMX hardware, for example, there's no Guitar Center nearby, I can make a recommendation. You'll need to contact me offline.

(prices current as of January 6, 2011 and taken from the Guitar Center web site)
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