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Is the right time to switch your lights to a different scheme in between songs? Is this the most common point, or is it okay to run different schemes throughout one song?

I have two 48 inch black lights
1 strobe
1 100 watt gobo effect that covers about 12 feet
1 moonlight effect that covers my whole 14x14area
1 12 mirror ball
1 par can pointed at the ball
1 large fogger

What are some definet combinations that will work with my lights? Lets say Thriller by MJ comes on, what would be the lights to use? Then Soul Sonics Play At Your Own Risk takes over at the end of Thriller, would I switch to the ball on or is the ball only for slow songs?

At what point do you shoot fog out, and how often. What lights go good with fog? Are balls a common staple for slow songs? some people dont like strobe lights, can it be used to much? And at what speed do you use the strobe, fast mode or slow. Would you keep a strobe on through a whole song.

I know what I need Smiler Darrins Dance Moves for Lights.

Hey if you only want to tackle one question please does so. Especially a definet NO NO combination.

My Backround info is: Once a year new years party on a 14x14 foot dance floor on my oak dining room floor.

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From my experience it is purely up to you...What would you like to see? The only advice I would have is to run your fog throughout the night...maby less during your slow sets. Your fog will accent the beams of light and it is more effective when you have the faster tempo moving the lights like CrAzY!!! Gives off a since of excitement!!!

I like to use a strobe to mix up the beat a bit...just hit it temporarily during a bass hit or multiple snares. Just my preferance.
You dont want to fog up the place so much you cant see your hand in front of you! You just want enought so you can see the beams of light. Actually, i like it when the audience doesnt know the fog is coming out. Remember, its just to aid the lights in their effects and not to be its own effect... so i feel.

The blacklights give a good room fill, and you might want to keep them on. I would kick em in when you want to start the "actual dancing" and want to kick up the party.

Use the strobe sparigly. (they can get annoying. i did a party this weekend where 2 small pinspot strobes were part of the decorations. they blicked all night, it it just made see everything harder, and ruined my slow sets. Or at least to my trained eye it ruined them Smiler )

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