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I'm wondering if the fogger got clogged?

How many fogging corpses do you have laying around? Perhaps you could create "franken-fogger"? Repairs might be cheaper, no doubt but if you're having to do frequent repairs, I'd start looking at what you're doing wrong. You've been posting for a while, and you don't seem like one of the ignorant types, so honestly, I can't figure out what you would do to contribute to the problem.

First, what fog fluid are you using? Do you just use whatever you can get or do you ensure you stick with one type? Yes, it can make a difference. Although all formulations should be able ot be OK and work fine even when mixed with whatever remnants were in the tank, you never know.

Second, how often are you using these? Related, how MUCH do you use these?

Third: What have you been getting?

Forth: Do you ever run cleaning solution through these at all?

It may be time to step up to a higher end fogger for durability and reliabilty purposes. I've got 2 Fog Storm 700's. One has never been opened. I also have an FS700, which was used once I think, so I think it should still work. Maybe I never used that one either. I don't know right now. The Fog Storm 700 I have opened, right now I only use for Halloween. I really am using a worst practices behavior with it. I use it, put it away, throw it in an Arriba bag and toss it a shelf in the garage and ignore it until next year. Once a year, that's it. It's also near the non-insulated garage door, but since we have mild winters here, no freezes. No problems. Never a cleaning cycle and I've had it since 2002.

Maybe they just don't make them like they used to.
it happened as soon as i threw in a different liquid, not adj.
I use it three nights a week, and i never cleaned it. hmmmmmmm, as i type, i see red flags everywhere! thanks guys, and now to purchase another one.
most my foggers are "higher end". oh well, i guess i get out what i put in. maybe if i carresed it and talk to it and pet it like i do my ht4.5's
i suppose all tools need their tlc?
What do you mean by "high end"?

For what I paid for my Fog Storm 700's(less than $100 each), and the FS700 that came in the $150-retailing American DJ Dynamic Party Pack, and for what I do with them, it's one hell of a bargain.

First, I agree with Jingles that it could be a result of mixing fluid. It is also entirely true that the new fluid just isn't compatible with the fogger. Honestly, any formulations should work, but even so, there's a reason for different formulations. It's often necessary to keep some extra "in stock" so you don't run out.

3 times a week, you're using your fogger rather heavily. That's not a bad thing. I think you need to drain the tank, take it apart and examine the intake and see that it's not clogged. You might need to take a toothpick and/or a kebab skewer to clean it out the tubing thoroughly, and let it dry fully before replacing it. It could also be the filter on the head(reminds me of an aquarium airstone) might be what's actually clogged up, so it may need to be replaced.

Since you've got it all taken apart and drained, run a cleaning solution through it.

I think that's all you need to do for now. You'll of course have some initial issues with the fogger becaue you'll need to prime it again(having it pull fluid back in from am empty tube), but other than that, there shouldn't be a problem, The pump is designed to handle short periods without fluid for that very purpose.

ALSO, make sure the intake is in fact IN the fluid. For the show I work on, I own the ground fogger and hazer, but the producer owns a cheap DMX fogger. Getting the intake at the bottom can sometimes be a chore.

At the same time, I'm not opposed to checking out Antari foggers. If you need a dealer, contact me off-line via my web form on my web site and I'll forward you my prefered dealer.

I'm personally debating getting an AccuFog 1000 right now as I need the variable directional output. It's a matter of pricing and budget.

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