i have four now i need a good controler is there any that will control both pars and pockets.
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To control pars, you'll need either a DMX Dimmer or Power pack. American DJ makes the PP-DMX20L power pack and the DP-DMX20L dimmer pack (among others). Then you'd get a DMX to control the Pocket Scans and the dimmer/power pack. There are various controllers based on your price range. If you're on a budget, I recommend the DMX Operator. It's what I use and it's a good entry level controller. Just make sure that if you get a dimmer pack, NEVER plug the Pocket Scans into it.
can i program a show with the operator and what about the show designer ill stick with my co-pilot for the pars.
yes you can do that. they are both really good lights. if i read your last post correctly it said
can i program a show with the operator and what about the show designer

all you really need to do is to read and re-read your instruction manual on programming your lights. Wink
The Operator and Show Designer aren't lights.

Anyways, you can't program a show with the Operator per se, you can program upto 6 chases consisting of upto 240 steps each. The Show Designer allows you to program 256 chases and 256 shows.

It's really all about how much you're willing to spend. Smiler
so you say the show designer is probably the better(easer to program) controler for pocket scans. i like the co-pilot for pars. no dimmers thanks youse guys Smiler
Welcome to the forum Donnie. Whereas the Show Designer is a great unit it is also more advanced than the Operator, but if your willing to take the time and learn it all you'll be fine. Smiler Smiler

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