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OK, I was bugging the producer of the show to give me the make and model of the fogger he bought. I was somewhat let down to find out it's a rather generic brand, but it does have DMX(1 channel) and an aim-able nozzle of 5 positions. He said it cost a bundle. Yes, it did, but that's not quite the wad I was expecting, or rather half the wad I was expecting.

Now, here I am looking to get more fog stuff, despite being anti-fog. An Antari Fazer is likely looking in the near future.

At any rate, while trying to find a manual for that fogger, I ran across a current ADJ product, the Accu Fog 1000, which lists for 5 times what the producer paid, but it does alot more.

One of the requirements of this show is some fog effects. One will be coming from "under" a chair, which means it will need to be directed a bit. A few others are upward blasts, again, handy. Still, others are general blasts.

I noticed Antari doesn't make a moving head fogger. And people around here know me enough by now to know I am sticking with ADJ/Elation going forward as much as possible.

Comparing other specs, taking DMX out of the equation, the producer's fogger claims 7 minutes to warm up the 1500-watt heater and has 10K CFM(cubic feet per minute), while the ADJ one takes the same amount of time, the ADJ product has the same claim, same output, lower current draw and lots of other nifty features.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with the Accu Fog 1000? It seems like an over-all winner to me. Heck, the ability to turn the heater on and off is even a good feature, although I have to go through my tech sheet to see if that can be utilized.

Maybe some fat checks will roll in and my lighting dealer can show me some good pricing again.
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