Hi, I was going through my atic and found a realy old JVC turntable with a beetles record in it, I pluged it in and just stared fooling around with it, and I think I fell in love with scratching(LOL). I have no experience with DJing, and I would like to buy some good turntables and a mixer. What should I get? I was looking at the "DJ toolkit 1"

Any Suggestions??

-Thanks Big Grin Big Grin
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This is all depending on how much you want to spend! There are many many many choices for you to go by. List a price that your willing to spend to get yourself started, and just explain more what your wanting to do! Scratching only? Maybe Mixing? Planning on future Parties?
All I will be doing with TTs is I guess is just scratching and mixing. I dont think I will be doing any gigs, for now I guess i'l keep it as a hobby,Oh ya, I also want to be able to produce beats, What do I need for that?

Turntables ~ American Audio Powerdrive 2.2, affordable and heavy duty!
Producing ~ lots of patience and a good ear!
Well.. as a Turntable Enthusiast..I can honestly say that the American DJ Powerdrive 2.2 turntables are perfect .. they are very Affordable..and re great .. check out your local electronic music store..and ask for american dj or check out (EDIT)..
If you want to start making beats your going to need more money! so just stick to the Turntables, and mixer for now ! To get studio equipment they will be pretty expensive after knowing what you really need !
So would the DJ Kit 1 be good for someone looking to pay under $500? What is the difference from these than other expensive ones? What is the difference between cheap mixers and more expensive ones? Hehe, im new...
What are you referring to as cheap ?? radio shack mixers are definitely cheap. . . . but American Audio makes quality affordable mixers. Typically the difference in price would be the # of features, fader q start, # of inputs, eq for each bus, etc . . .

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