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I have just started thinking, what should i charge for my lighting? I do lighting only (no sound or dj) for bands, dj, plays etc. I do complete programming when necessary for bands ect. Here is my list of equip.

2 Ultra Scan 250's
2 Mighty Scan's
1 x-cel (discontinued adj light)
2 Starflash's (marty's version of the jewel)
1 Fog Hog Vaporizer
4 pin spots
6 par 38's
dmx operator
sc-8fc system with chase controller
2 t-bars (for cans)
and a 10ft. truss in back (ADJ truss, ITC 12'stands)
what would you think i should charge. do u know how much would be charged at a rental company etc.? thanks for all input!
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Im a DJ, but only because i want to show off my lights. I only bought speakers to move my lights!

I charge 40 extra for all my lights. I dont have waht you have but i got as of now:

3 Intels
(1 great; 2 bad)As in 1 scan tron and 2 dj scans
10 Par Cans
6 Elipsodles
4 Gobo Projectors
2 Jewels
4 Big Shots
Cant Forget i got a dmx dimmer pack and a Dmx Operator

If i were you i would say 75 an hour, with 25 daller set up charge. Once people know your awsome, raise it too 100-150 an our with the same 25 daller set up charge. With lights, dont make there be a 2 hour minmum. I did one set up for 30 minutes, but charged an hours worth, so i got 50 dallers(40 an hour and 10 for setup). It was for Celebraties in Rancho santa fe and i had to make it so they looked all speacail as they walked 20 feet to their car. It was actually really fun, i would have done it for free!!! WEll thats my opinion.
oh i definately agree w/ u drew, but that doesn't mean they aren't good in their own way. the dj scan is a more simple scanner, therefore it is not gonna compete with higher end scanners such as concept, mighty scan, ultra scan, and other other companies higher end scanners. that, in my opinion, is not its purpose. its purpose is to provide the effect that it gives. that effect is the "jerky" fast moving choppy scanning, and in my opinion that can look pretty kool sometimes, not to mention for an entry level scanner the price is unbeatable, and audiences will still be impressed with it if it is used to its fullest extent. for its purpose and design and for smaller lighting application, the dj scan can still pull through in my opinion.
Originally posted by deej__millz:
[qb]to us...we notice every detail when it comes to lights and sound and the dj/performer...

but to a 42 year old drunk woman???

or a 37 yr old recently single man??

they wont know the difference between a mighty scan or a dj scan Wink

Smiler [/qb]

Hardly any one cares about the light unless they are a DJ of some sort.

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