Depending on the club its either Old School/Mid School Hip Hop, Current Hip Hop, Borderline Top 40 with Hip Hop mixing, and Jungle/Drum'n'Bass if I am called upon to spin it on a rare occasion. I used to mix hard house back in the day but I got out of it because it really didn't interest me much. But thats not a diss, I just didn't find it enjoyable for myself.
Definitely depends what club. I spin everything on Sunday night Hip Hop to House, Classic Rock to Trance, Drum and Bass to top 40. It's All good. I don't play country unless they tip me big. Cool On tuesday it's all Alternative rock, but it's another club.
It really depends what club im at ..although
It seems i mostly get hired and nuff repsect
when i spin my Trance, House, Techno and as
we call it up here in Toronto or the T-dot my
Euro beats....

But i also enjoy spinnin HipHop...its fun
to Scratch up a storm.......

Wink Big Grin Big Grin Wink
some stuff i spin are r&b/hip hop at house parties, for fun i spin jungle, trance, techno, progressive, breakbeats, imports, dance, house, freestyle, and started with happy hardcore but havin trouble cuz its waaaayyy fast...

...wuts fun though is mixing them all together, or mixin some acapella or instrumentals like from oldies music or anything... creating a whole new kind of music i guess
I ment when i get hired or I am playing a freebe for a friend.
mostly techno, trance mostly everything that they request and what i bring to a gig. depends on age and normally they give a music list about a week before the gig so i play in between that and what i want to hear that night.

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