Hello all my dmx users. here is a video i put together on youtube for you all. it is so you can learn how to create your own fixture profiles and use them with either MY DMX or Compu Live! enjoy! any questions......let me know. http://youtube.com/watch?v=UO1Swkfll9I
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Normally in the manual. Book or online. If not, attach the fixture and go through it bit by bit. I hear Jingles will create a fixture if you ask nicely.
The manual isn't too hot on explaining about the library editor works. Also, the library editor is not very intuitive for new user. I don't feel this is a weak point though. Once someone has gone through the effort of making their own profile and having it double checked, afterwards, the profile editor becomes much more logicial.

It would be nice if more users would TRY to make their own profiles instead of immediately asking for help. Me, I make my own profiles these days. Sorry, the old school in me. Jingles is fast about making profiles, but I'm usually in need of faster!
you calling me slow? haha. just kidding.

Also to anybody who wants to learn how to make their own profiles, CALL me and i will train you myself over the phone.
Slow? No, you're way faster than I am. But you're busy making profiles for everyone else. So far I've been lucky, seriously lucky. Most of my profiles already exist in the various libraries. Having the Mega Panel and 64 LED UV already in the library saved my VALUABLE time on my previous show.

I'll make my own then share with anyone who wants them. Share and share alike. Speaking of which, I'm tweaking the Mega Panel profile, it's not accurate as far as what the manual says.

Then again, I'm just a sound guy. What do I know about lights?

That reminds me, I've redone my laptop and MyDMX tested and passed with flying colors. I need to re-import my show files and start working again. I got my main machine chewing on HD video renders, and another machine doing video captures. 2 other machines are busy burping out DVD's. There there are my 2 file and print servers, web server, mail server, main mail client.... We keep the data moving around here!
Manual refures to the fixture manual. I thought that with a little exploration, Fixture creater/editer was quite easy to use, once i'd found you could click on the pictures.
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Hello again . I would like to learn to make my own profiles . I have played around with this portion of the program and have a good idea how it operates. I have one question , would a program changer channel be setup as a free channel . Thanks Ken .
Hello . The channel would have 000-031 No Function- Dimmer Control , 032-127 would be low to high intensity chases . 128-159 color mixing , 160-191 3 color chase ,192-223 7 color chase, 224-255 sound active mode . These are preprogrammed into par cans on this one channel . Hope this makes sense . Thanks Ken
Why does my scan library editor look, feel, and behave totally different than the video/tutorial you show and reference on this page.
if it is blue and you can drag and drop items, then it is because we have re designed the profile creator. We will have new tutorials for this new program coming soon. If you have any questions let me know and I can help you out that way you don't have to wait for the videos.

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