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I have two VMS4 units, Which so far they have been very reliable . Couple small problems but nothing huge . I ran into another problem , where I went out and purchased two Monster USB Cables , for my VMS4 . I plugged the cable in and it did not see the VMS4 . So I grabbed another VMS4 cable and same thing , I could not get a connection , so I even tried hooking it up to my other VMS4 and same thing no connection WTF I was so confused , I noticed that when I did plug the USB cable in at the back of the unit it felt really loose , I went through 6 USB cables before I found out what happened , The USB cable that comes with the VMS4 , you have to use that cable only . This cable has a bit more of a tighter fit , and it designed to work with this unit. So you may want to go to the parts department and order a couple for backup !
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Something I was reading today.

There are three common causes of USB cable failure: improper cable use, damage to the cable and extending the cable length. USB cable failure can occur when you use a cable that is not designed for your device. USB cable failure also can occur when the cord or plugs attached to the cord are damaged or fail. When a user tries to extend a USB cable by connecting it to more USB cable, the USB cable may fail due to insufficient ability to transfer data through a longer cord.

If a USB cable fails, sometimes the computer won't recognize a device, which must happen for the computer and device to communicate. Another potential effect is that the computer will recognize that there is a device, but it will not be able to transfer any data between the computer and device.

To prevent USB cable failure, always use the recommended type of cable from the device manufacturer. If your cable is damaged or does not function, purchase a new cable with the same specifications. Purchase a USB power hub and additional cables if you want to extend the length of your USB cable.

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