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I have to agree with DJ Freshfluke , sounds like a power issue . Add up the Wattage for your equipemnt before plugging into that outlet , always use two seprerate outlets , on different circuits . Never Never hookup a Fog machine to the same outlet as your main . If it s a 15 amp circuit take 15x120volts = 1800 watts 20 Amp circuit 20x120volts = 2400 Watts
Now if you bring a Dry Ice Machine with you , it has to be also on a seperate outlet . Dry Ice machines use 13 amp out of the 15 amp . What you can also do is hookup your VMS4 at home just hookup your main equipment , nothing else , and see if this still happens. You may want to invest in a Power conditioner , that will show the voltage in a digital readout . You do not want to go under 110 volts .
Originally posted by erfman:
i reported this issue a while back and still no further forward, your correct it is the vms and not the laptop, however the laptop adds to the issue, its caused by a power spike in the laptop psu and passing it down the ground of the usb port to the vms4
adj should be aware this can happen and buffers should be in place but like many other faults with this unit there refusing to admit its an issue.

only solution i found was
1 mains signal conditioner
2 usb ground loop isolator
3 audio signal ground loop isolator
total cost of about 70 quid but no problems since... but im not holding my breath either
Originally posted by UDJ:
i have a hercules dj console that i have used for years without any dramas......its the vms4

sorry i have to disagree. you find this issue with all kinds of different devices and softwares. probably the hercules doesnt need as much power as the vms so sudden power drops are probably not that problematic.

from my experience, i'm 100% with pumpitdj.
Originally posted by Djkdogg:
I'm had this problem too any solutions yet ? The only one Ive seen is to buy a 4.1 can't afford that so anything else ? Confused
I had experienced the same issue with my VMS4 (activating smoke and 'poof' goes the vms4) and once I switched the vms4 to another outlet all was good. I have the VMS4.1 and have not had that issue, however I have not used a smoke machine since....I will be mixing at a pool party in a few weeks and will try it so see what happens. I guess another thing you can try is unplugging the vms4 from the outlet (using power from USB) when you plug in other electrical items...don't know what else to say....good luck!


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