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Just to update everybody, here's what we're working on for solutions to these issues:

Microphones: An output level shifter (aka impedance transformer) to prevent distortion

Headphones & Master: Higher voltage power supply adapter for higher output. Testing in progress.

New Production
Microphones: reducing preamp gain and using gain knob as actual gain control to eliminate distortion and improve sound quality

Headphones: Increased power supply and increased gain. Roughly 6dB improvement

Master: Increased power supply and increased gain. Roughly 12dB improvement on booth, master RCA, and master balanced circuit

I can't speak officially for how support will handle these issues, but what I can say is we are definitely working on sourcing both a microphone impedance transformer for resolving the microphone distortion issue.

I'll just do my best to keep you informed and let you all know we take your feedback seriously!
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Hey all,

As I said above I'm doing my best to keep you all informed on what we are doing, but I can't speak officially for how support will handle these issues because I'm not authorized to do so. If there are specific dates i.e. for new manufacturing I will make sure our support staff gets this info as soon as possible.

I already have a working sample of changes that will be used in new production which our main office is currently evaluating.

If you have any technical questions or concerns about this I'm happy to discuss here.
I have been working with the unit sine the AC show. I have found that I am now starting to have problems with the unit. I am wondering if I should wait or call in. I am to the point where I can't use the VMS for a gig. I have reverted back to my old setup. Any advice is welcomed. I am no knocking the unit I just want it to work. If this was only a cheap product I would not care and chalk it up as a lesson learned but this was some cash. I like the unit and can't wait till the bugs are worked out.
i got these about 2 days ago from ernie but i had a problem with my actual mixer. so i returned it yesterday to them and got a new one and put these on and it helped it out alot. now im just waiting to see if we get a new ac adapter for the power output soon

nice to see a company steping up to the problems instead of just giving excuses
Are we going to get 2 imedance matchers? After all there are 2 mic channels. Also, the problem with the imedance matchers is that they are usually about 10cm long and that would mean having to take it out of the flightcase, even though the flightcases out there for the VMS4 are designed so that the unit can be used inside the case.I have only ever seen these in (xlr input) to (6.3mm mono jack) so we will lose the balanced signal when connecting to the mic channel. Also the problem with the master output could be solved with a 2 channel active if the new adapter tests fail. Been looking on the net for a 4 channel active D.I box, with gain and attenuation, and could only find a Behringer DI4000, unrortunately it is a rackmount unit.
After a disastrous first gig due to immense microphone distortion, I used an impedance matcher with my VMS4 for a second gig last weekend. (FYI, I use a Shure SM58 wireless mic system.) While the distortion was significantly reduced, it was definitely still there. I am still not satisfied that the impedance matcher is a bona fide solution to the microphone distortion problem. Has anyone else used the impedance matcher yet? Your thoughts?
By the way, I built a custom case for my VMS4 with a removable panel in the rear. I am fortunate to have that removable panel, otherwise the impedance matcher would not plug in without removing the VMS4 from the case (Pupenhausen)
i think that the top priority of the AA technicians should be the low level of the master volume and generally the quality of the sound.
i played on a club with a very descend sound system and i had to boost the amplifiers so that i can get the volume i wanted for the night and have no distortion from the vms4.
this affects all the vms owners!

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