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Hey there. I have a VMS4. When I try to scratch sometimes the scratch noise becomes very digital and the sample I'm scratching, when I scratch back, when it goes foward again sometimes it's very slow to restart. I'm using Traktor Pro 2.

My other issue is that for some reason when I use a USB 2.0 port on my asus computer the sound doesnt come out clean at all, comes distorted. But when I connect it to my USB 3.0 port this doesnt happen anymore. And this started hapening from no where :S Reinstalled windows, traktor, asio drivers, everything! but the problem persists
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Im using an Asus intel core i7-2630 QM 2.0 Ghz and 6 Gbs of ram.. This didn't happen before, it used to run fine with traktor 2.5 and then suddently this started to happen. If I have purchased traktor Im not going to use an "unpro" program like virtual dj.. :S

What about the digital sound on scratching? do you have any solution for me? thanks Wink
checkout the tuning tips from native instruments in their knowledge base. there you'll find tools to see if it's some driver making trouble.

other things to check:
- multicore support on/off? the setting depends on your computer, some work better with it, some better without.

- key lock settings? worth trying.

- finally: jog wheel settings (in the controller manager of the prefs)

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